Terms and conditions

  • Orlistat UK and its employees shall bear no liability in connection with any goods purchased from this website.
  • It is the full responsibility of each customer to consult with their Doctor before taking any new medication, as well as to disclose their full personal and family medical history, any other details of any medication they have been taking, and any other important information which may impact the safety of the new medication.
  • All images and photos of products on this website are for reference only. The packaging or product for sale may vary from any photos or images provided.
  • All prices are listed in USD (United States Dollars).
  • All prices listed are subject to change at our discretion.
  • Orlistat UK reserves the right to refuse custom and cancel orders without prior notice or reason. If orders have been paid for and the order is canceled by Orlistat UK, a full refund to the customer’s card will be made.
  • All product information provided is for reference only as a general guide for customers. Products should always be taken as prescribed by the customer’s healthcare provider.

At Orlistat UK, we offer our customers the most optimum confidentiality, as well as being committed to protecting everyone’s privacy. We only use the information that we gain from your access to our site to be able to provide our customers with the most convenient experience. When you order from our website, you will be encouraged to create your own account. When you do create an account, it will include your name and email, as well as your shipping address and payment method. Your email will also be needed for verification and correspondence reasons. 


When you go to place an order on Orlistat UK, you will be asked to enter your personal information. However, we have SSL encryption technology that is used for your safety. The SSL technology will run through before your personal information even goes through the internet. That means it will make it nearly impossible for anyone to steal your information. When you store your credit card number on our website, we ensure that it will be stored in only an encrypted manner on our database. This database will not be attached to our website that way it’s completely safe and not reachable over the Internet. 

Comments and feedback

We are always welcoming any comments and feedback regarding our business and the ease of processing orders. You can leave us a comment anytime regarding our privacy policies. Email us and we will get back to you within a timely manner.

Shipping Policy/orders

Every order has a shipping fee. The shipping fee will be based on the weight of the medication(s). You should at least allow 10 business days to ship your order. With the amount of medication we have to ship out and package, kindly keep the timeframe in mind. Order ahead of time so you don’t run out before you receive the order. 


Our shipping rates and policies can change at any time. These changes may or may not be noticed with these changes. It’s up to the customer to kindly keep themselves up-to-date with the rates. We ship to home addresses. We will also ship to P.O. boxes within each state. Any packages that are sent by military mail may be delayed because of the military mail handling process. All orders will be shipped in at least 2 days.

Shipping address 

The default shipping address would be considered as the one that you used on your last order you placed with Orlistat UK. During the checkout process, you will be able to change your shipping address. You will be able to change your shipping address in your own personal account. Any changes you make on your personal account regarding your shipping address will not affect your current order that you’ve placed.

The medication that you are expecting will remain in generic form. With Orlistat UK, we don’t carry name brand medications. It’s important to let your doctor know this so he or she can write you the proper prescription and dosing information.

Customs Delays

Orlistat UK is not responsible for any delays for goods in transit to you as the customer. You accept that your order is imported into your country and any delays caused by your Government’s Customs Department or by the delivery service is beyond Orlistat UK’s control.

If your order fails to arrive within the given day’s expected delivery time frame, you agree to wait a further 7 days before requesting a reshipment.

Customs Charges

You accept that you may be requested to pay customs charges for the goods you import. These (if charged) will be payable by you direct to your Customs Department and you accept that these charges are not Orlistat UK responsibility to pay. You understand that delays can occur while they await you to pay these charges.

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